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Here are some video clips on the subject of peak oil by industry experts and authors. Matthew Simmons, head of the Simmons & Co. International has advised presidents and world leaders on the subject of oil depletion. He is the author of the book "Twilight In The Desert" which exposes the hidden secret of the decline of Saudi Arabia's most productive fields.

Matt Simmons has argued most recently as oil prices have declined that they are creating the illusion that peak oil has gone away. He argues that oil prices will return to much higher levels due to lack of development of new reserves because of temporary lower prices putting a damper on new exploration. He believes that world demand will return to pre downturn levels as economic activity increases and new oil supplies will not be ready.

Richard Heinberg has written an number of good books on peak oil including "Powerdown", "The Oil Depletion Protocol", "The Party's Over" and his recent title "Peak Everything" which describes the decline of a number of resources vital to global growth and what the consequences of their depletion might be.

Dr Robert Hirsch is a former senior energy advisor for SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) and has served on a number of government advisory committees. As a respected scientist, Dr. Robert Hirsch lays out in clear terms the science behind peak oil and the decline of world oil production.

Oil man and wind energy investor T. Boone Pickens believes that peak oil has already occurred. He is diversifying his oil wealth into wind energy and water resources. He is the backer of "The Pickens Plan" which is aimed at achieving U.S. energy independence through a combination of natural gas as vehicle fuel and wind energy for electricity. T. Boone Pickens is putting his money where his mouth is in the face of peak oil and is building one of the world's largest wind farms near Pampa Texas.  Pickens believes as Matt Simmons does in that oil prices will quickly return to pre economic crash highs and even higher levels since new projects such as the Petrobras discovery in Brazil are scaled back due to low prices. "It is the relatively easy to produce oil that is running out fast, not so much the $200 plus per barrel oil that some of these projects require to be viable in the long run".

Matt Simmons on Peak Oil


Dr Robert Hirsch Talks About Peak Oil on CNBC

Richard Heinberg On Peak Oil. Heinberg is the author of a number of excellent books on peak oil.

Oil Man and Wind Energy Investor T. Boone Pickens On Peak Oil


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