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According to a study done by a Harvard engineer the world would need to build one wind turbine every four minutes to replace even one quarter of the energy we get from fossil fuels. While not all of the fossil fuel energy we get is from oil (much is from natural gas) the act of replacing oil in our society would not be easy. We would need to find new ways of powering our cars and heating our homes. Here are a few bold, even whimsical ideas, that might help.

Air Cars, Coming To A Street Near You

Air cars have been around for nearly a hundred years. Recently an Indian and a French company have plans to bring them back in a big way. With energy storage that compares favorably to expensive batteries, air offers an eco-friendly way to power vehicles for up to 60 miles. While air cars won't be traveling cross country they just might be appearing on city streets thanks to new plants being planned in the United States. Air cars also have the added benefit of adding filtered, fresh air and a cooling effect in downtown areas. Full Story


Solar Efficiency Breakthrough

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. � Chuck Andraka, Sandia National Laboratories engineer, and Bruce Osborn, chief operating officer of Stirling Energy Systems (SES), were honored with a Popular Mechanics magazine Breakthrough Innovator Award Oct. 15 during a ceremony at the Hearst Tower in New York City. The solar collector they designed achieved a whopping 31.5% efficiency using a relatively old technology known as a Stirling engine. The Stirling engine, which is an external combustion engine, is heated by energy reflected from a large parabolic mirror.  Full Story Sandia Labs News


Nanowires and Hairy Solar Panels. Weird Science May Mean Solar Panel Efficiencies of Up to 40%

In the world of solar panels records are constantly being broken when it comes to panel efficiency. A new development, using nano technology can create low cost  flexible solar panels capable of efficiencies up to an amazing 40%. Full Story



Algal Biodiesel, Making Something Good From Something Bad

What if you could capture the greenhouse gas CO2 before it left smokestacks and magically turn it into clean burning, sulphur free diesel at an amazing efficiency? That is what the developers of algal biodiesel are already doing. Using bioreactors where CO2 and Algae are mixed, special strains of algae grow and produce an oil like slime that is used to create biodiesel. The challenge lies in finding which species are the best for the process and bio-engineering new species of oil creating algae.  Algal biodiesel is  like speeding up the process of oil formation a few million years.

Natural Gas

While peak oil is a reality there is no such peak occurring in natural gas supplies. According to many reputable geologists we have over a 100 year supply of natural gas in the United States. The challenge is to convert our vehicles to run on natural gas instead of oil. Natural gas may be the most cost effective solution to deal with peak oil.  Shale formations such as the Marcellus Shale, see hold trillions of feet of natural gas and they have only begun to be exploited.


Here are some cool You Tube videos from "Green Power Science" offering some possible peak oil solutions.


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